What a Busy Summer!

Wow! I have been super busy with all kinds of projects! The last open order I conducted was a huge success. My goal was to double the amount of shirts sold during my spring order, and I am proud to say I accomplished that goal! Thank you to everyone who supported me and bought a shirt!

Along with this last order I released two designs, one of which helped me to begin teaming up with Eastern Ambitions, a local brand promoting fishing and outdoor activity. Currently we are making plans to hold an outdoor festival in which I will be conducting live printing of tees and prints! Stay tuned for more details.

Along with all of these ambitious plans, I have been taking custom orders for T-shirts. For the month of September I have three orders already. Also, this coming Saturday I will be carving at the table for Smash Music (where I sell merchandise in Derry, NH) at a pizza festival in Derry, NH. Keep in touch for good news ;)

Stocked for the Summer

Summer is here (finally!) and I have begun fully stocking my space at Smash Music. Although the workshops are on a hiatus, my merchandise within the space has grown immensely. Currently the racks are full of hand printed T-Shirts, the display cases have my stickers, excess tees, and tote bags in them, and I also have a few fine art prints on the wall. Soon, there will be smaller fine art prints available in archival sleeves with an accompanying matte. They will be set nicely on a display stand. Head down to Smash in downtown Derry and grab a piece!

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What's New?

January was a very busy month for me. I worked hard in the studio on many different prints for exhibitions, trades, and my workshops. Recently, I added three new prints to the workshop portfolio. I re-carved and printed my Cottontail, Loon and Heron prints so my guests may print these for themselves. Also, I have work at an exhibition at Hope & Feathers Framing in Amherst, Massachusetts. These three prints are designed to invoke thought on the impact humans have on various environments animals call home. Finally, I am a part of a trade with the New Hampshire Institute of Art titled "Noise" in which I created a three layer multi-block relief print. When I have the final images of these pieces I will post them :)

Printmaking Workshops

I am happy to announce that I will be leading printmaking workshops in the new shared space at Smash Music in Derry, NH!

These workshops will start off as a single three hour class in which guests may learn the creative process behind relief printmaking, share art with one another, and print a pre-carved block, producing a print they may take home with them. 

I am very excited for this new venture and to share the printmaking process. The first class will be on January 6th, from 4-7pm, and more will come soon after! More info and sign ups can be found on Smash’s website here: 


Smash Brochure 2.jpg