It's Been a While...New Print!

Well it has been a long time since I have updated my blog here, but that’s because I have been so busy printing! aside from making a ton of tees, I’ve come out with a few new prints as well! I will post about the tees a little later, but for now here’s my newest woodcut, “Firescrew Tower”. The tower sits atop Mt. Cardigan in New Hampshire. and has quite the story to it, which I will also post about at a later date. Enjoy!


Holiday Sale!

For the rest of December, all of my pieces under the “Fine Art” tab are 25% off! Browse through the selection, and just let me know what you are interested in by emailing me on the “Contact” page. I have other works not yet listed, so I will do my best to get those pieces photographed and on the site. If you would like to see what I am working on now, and view pieces that may not yet be on the site, follow my Instagram: @noconnellart or Facebook: @noconnellart


Summer 2018

So, what happened this summer?

Well, I was super busy! I have officially entered into the business of bridal party apparel, which means custom orders of matching shirts for bachelorette parties. I have (finally) finished a few fine art prints i have had on the carving block for some time now, and i have started some new ones. The "Bass" tee was so successful, that I have begun planning events with a local business called Eastern Ambitions, who provides incentive for people to get outside and be active (and go fishing), so plan on joining us next summer for some good fun!

Finally, I was able to spend a ton of time up north in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, a place of great inspiration for me. You can be sure that some of the photos I took and places I have seen this summer will be included in my future artwork.